Weledo Eritrea

Tarik Weledo Hizbi Eritrea

Mergeta Berhanemeskel Tesfamariam was born in Adi Chiendog, Wereda Kola Seraye, Eritrea, in 1928 from his father Ato Tesfamariam Hadera and his mother Woizero Mahliet Ghebreamlak. He travelled extensively in both Eritrea and Ethiopia to explore the literature in the monasteries. That helped him to write several books, including St. Joseph (1965), Metshafe Gnzet (1970), Hlwna AMLAK (1986), Tarik Gedamat Agazit Eritrea (1991), Melka’a Kdsti Kiara (1994), and Weledo Hzibi Eritrea (published 2009). Mergeta Berhanemeskel passed away in December 2003.

His final book, Weledo Hzibi Eritrea (2009), was published after his death. The reason for writing this book, he said, was to challenge the legacy of colonialism which inaccurately told Eritrean history. Weledo Hizbi Eritrea (2009) tells of the historical upbringings of Eritrea families.

Note: This book is not written in English. This book is written in Tigrinya.

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